The Changing Seasons: March

The Changing Seasons is a Monthly Photo Challenge started by

It is was the last Wednesday of the month, which means another photo post! I’m continuing Cardinal Guzman’s monthly challenge called The Changing Seasons (V2)

March was a bit of a lazy month, in terms of any DSLR progress, so I actually had to pull these two images off of my phone. I thought they looked much more striking, sitting side-by-side; I got lucky with how a lot of the lines from one photo continue on into the next, creating a sort of fluidity. The first one was taken towards the beginning of the month. I loved the bare bone trees against the gloomy clouds, winter still hanging on to its remaining days. The photo looks almost monochromatic, save for the bright blue and red of the street sign. The second image was taken in the latter days of March when, seemingly out of nowhere, these little blue flowers began to make an appearance. The bushes are still bare, but the pops of color from random vegetation against the bright blue background of the sky screamed spring to me.

I hope everyone had a very happy Easter. How is it already April?!


4 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons: March

  1. March was a lazy month for me too. Actually it’s been this long strike of lazy months since November! April is finally here, spring has kind of started and the days are brighter. We survived another winter. 😀

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    1. March is always such a tease! It has you believing that winter is over, and then blows it right back in your face. I’m definitely looking forward to working more in April, though 🙂


  2. April is when we northerners wake up I think! We are all in denial throughout the winter and now there is so much to photograph we are spoiled for choice. Mindst you, the wind and rain have been busy this month so far…


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