Hello, Sun. Hello, Madness.

I didn’t have a chance to post last week, due to some last minute traveling plans. I live in a pretty cold part of the county, and I think my body went into a bit of shock when I landed at my noticeably hotter destination. I saw the sun. I was reminded that warmth exists. I didn’t need a jacket. My scumbag brain kept trying to have me put on a jacket anyway (force of habit). I remembered what sweating was like… And why I prefer fall and winter.

I was away for an interview, so it wasn’t exactly a vacation, but I always appreciate a chance to get away from the day-to-day cycle. Also, I probably have a vitamin D deficiency from all my time spent indoors, so sun exposure should be welcomed. Interview days are always hectic and, unfortunately, I’m fairly certain that I got to know my Uber drivers better than the current medical students at the school. Not that I didn’t have a blast swapping life stories with the Uber drives. Special shoutout to Ivan. Anyways, tip for future interviewees: always try your best to go to any meet-and-greet type events held beforehand!

I’ve also been caught up in March Madness. How’s everyone’s brackets doing? Mine has been absolutely destroyed, but I think that’s part of why it’s such a (rage-inducing) joy to watch. I never seem to learn that there’s no way of predicting who will win. Logic? What’s that? I’m pumped to see who’ll be making it to the Elite Eight tonight.


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