Day Four: Identify Your Audience

For first-timers stopping by my blog: welcome! I am currently participating in a course offered by WordPress’s Blogging University called Blogging 101: Zero to Hero. Each weekday, I’ll be writing based off of an assignment posted for the class. 

Today’s Assignment: publish a post you’d like your ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-you element in it.

I created my blog without a particular theme in mind, so it was difficult for me to think of who my “ideal” audience might be. As mentioned before, I started writing as a method of self-reflection, for both my current and future self. So, perhaps, it’s me? There was something written in our Day Three daily task, though, that made me do some further thinking:

Blogging is a communal experience; if you didn’t want anyone to read your posts, you’d keep a private diary.

I still don’t have an “ideal” audience, as that would suggest that I mind what kinds of people are reading my blog. However, it did make me give some serious thought into the fact that you, my readers, are very much a part of my audience. I’m not always going to be the only person reading these things. This made me a bit more mindful of what it is that I want to share with you all, since I have a “you all” to address. I don’t mean this in a sense that I want to censor things. I want to reorganize and prioritize what I put up here, so that it’s not a jumble of words and thoughts that only I can understand.

There are still moments when I’ll stop and marvel at the fact that I’m connecting with someone in another continent from the comfort of my own home. In my PJs. Before breakfast (sometimes way after breakfast, still in my PJs…). I realize that there are things I will never be able to understand or experience that I’ve had the pleasure to read about through your words. I hope that you might be able to do the same here, and that we’ll be able to share and learn in all things offered by life together. And with that, I’ve fulfilled my cheesy cliche quota for the day.

As for the “new-to-you element”, I thought I’d share some of my own photography work. I’m a complete amateur, but am planning on spending more time changing  that throughout the next years. I would very much appreciate any insight or advice on how to make it better!


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