It’s Here

Ahh, the holidays. I’ve always loved Halloween, because it marks the beginning of the joyous season. Sure enough, come November 1st, I received an e-mail from a credit card company advertising their “hot” deal: spend $10,000 on holiday gifts, receive an additional 5,000 points in return. Exclamation points were involved (crying about being a broke med school applicant may or may not have been). Some people might find it annoying that profit maximizing conglomerates start shoving not-so-subliminal messages down our throats. Me? I willingly embrace them. Bring on the constantly wafting gingerbread spice and questionably early holiday music.

My friend flew in from across the country to join in on my city’s crazy Halloween rituals, so I’ve been happily MIA. Costume contests, themed speakeasies, and haunted houses galore! This forced me to step away from the daily, just slightly obsessive refreshing of my e-mail inbox. I’d nearly forgotten what it was like to be a normal human being, planning for a normal weekend. My computer received a much deserved break, and I swear I heard it breathe a sigh of relief when I finally shut it down.

I thought I’d make the next post about a recent Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) experience, in the spirit of this past Halloween weekend. Spooky!

Photo credits to this site.

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